Ursa Major Burning Man 2016

Ursa's fur is made from 170,000 pennies from the US, Canada and Europe. Her core is a steel frame then covered in carved styrofoam and coated in concrete with the pennies embedded. She took 5 months to construct. 

Ursa Major was a Burning Man Arts honoraria project. Most of the pennies used for Ursa were donated by Burners, friends and family. A team of 7 persevering penny layers and over 20 volunteers created Ursa's fur.

She was was displayed at Burning Man August 26 to September 5, 2016. At the event, many people were heard calling Ursa, 'Penny Bear'.  Ursa Major was sold to a private buyer. A matching donation for the penny donations of $8,000 was given to the Nature Conservancy of Canada in their efforts to secure grizzly bear habitat in British Columbia.