Penny the Goose 2015

Penny the Goose, is a 16 foot tall, 19 foot wide Canada Goose. Her feather pattern is composed of 120,000 pennies meticulously laid tails up. Her front side is made of US pennies while her back side is all Canadian pennies. Penny the Goose first came to Burning Man in 2013 as a one dimension installation with Canadian pennies only. For her return to Burning Man in 2015, she was modified to be 3 dimensional with the added US coins. 

Penny the Goose was a Burning Man Arts honoraria project. Most of the pennies used for were donated by Burners, friends and family. She was built with team of 4 patient penny layers and 12 occassional volunteers.

She was was displayed at Burning Man, August 28 to September 7, 2015. Weeks later, September 18-20 Penny was part of the American River Music Festival in Coloma, California. In late December, Penny was asked to be shown as a symbol or hope and rebirth for the residents of Lake County, California. Hundreds of homes were taken by the wildfires in the area including a drug and alcohol recovery clinic.  Penny was placed in front of the clinic's temporary facility for a three month stay. In the spring of 2016, Penny the Goose was purchased by the doctor of the recovery clinic and he plans to display Penny in a public space in the town of Lucerne, Lake County.