Mr & Mrs Ferguson

We began creating art together in 2010 for the Burning Man art festival. We were encouraged that the festival’s DIY nature gave us an immense outdoor gallery with which to flourish or fail. With Lisa’s background in visual story telling and Robert’s in metal fabricating our combination could be a good fit. Our early works brought us attention that was the tonic we needed to work with unique materials and learn new techniques. With each project we build, we learn, we experiment. It’s very much a joy.

With our coin projects we will say they are made one penny at a time. Quite true, our process is labor intensive. We do not use computer and automated machinery to create our pieces. From the Burning Man method of encouraging volunteerism, we found over a dozen friends who enjoy working on our pieces that go to the event. They spend their summer weekends and evenings placing coins in concrete and marvel that we have created a knitting bee atmosphere making art. When we have commissions, we employ three of our volunteers to help on those builds.

Lisa is a freelance cinematographer with 35 years experience shooting and directing  documentary, lifestyle and reality programs for network and cable television, film festivals and corporate clients.

Robert is the president of Ferguson Welding Service, a family business his father started. His company welds pipelines for water districts, infrastructure for Caltrans, Tesla and the new Chase Center. Robert has a unique background in theatre. He built sets and danced in productions for dozens of shows in the Bay Area. He has a degree in journalism and has been a radio news reporter and on air DJ.

We were married in 2011 at Burning Man under our second installation we created for the event.  Lisa was originally from Calgary, Canada and moved to California to be with Robert

Our Art Team

To create a Mr & Mrs Ferguson art project we need a team that has the patience to see a job to the end, one penny nickel or dime at time. With our 2019 Bee project it was one filament and marble at a time.

We are immensely grateful to our team of friends who enjoy spending time with us. Our sessions have the feeling of a knitting bee or group meditation. We enjoy each other's company and we love the result of our work.  

The Bee or Not to Bee team

The Bee or Not to Bee team