Let U.S. Prey (the Eagle)


A Metaphor that May be attacking You

This bald eagle is about to strike. It's piercing gaze staring straight into your eyes. It's talons reaching for your chest. You are in the final moment before you become prey. 

The eagle is regarded as one of the greatest of hunters and because of it's ability and noble stature it has been designed into a metaphor, a symbol for politics, patriotism, religion and business.  But what if that metaphor turned it’s attention to you?

We are deeply grateful to the honoraria support of Burning Man Arts, who have supported us on this project. They have given us the boost to make our art dreams come true allowing our art to be displayed in the worlds biggest gallery with 70,000 attending.

This art was also possible because of the commitment from our volunteer art team who have worked on our projects for the last four years. As a team they put in over 600 hours to the project which is also for the event they love, Burning Man.

Nearly all the feathers of Let U.S. Prey were made from the contributions of pennies, nickels and dimes from Burning Man community members in California and Alberta, Canada. Coins also came from friends and family from around the world. Every donator has their fingerprint however small, on this art.

At Burning Each day at sunrise and sunset we would meet participants who visited the eagle. Many confirmed our intention of the art’s message but there were those who identified with the eagle as their spirit guide or as their favorite animal.

After Burning Man Let U.S. Prey was brought to Burning Man’s San Francisco Decompression. It was a delight to share this work with Burning Man friends old and new outside the desert.

Let U.S. Prey was given an Editor’s Choice Award by Maker Faire Bay Area for it’s display at the annual event in May 2019. Despite a rainy weekend, large crowds attended the Faire and many took photos with ‘Prey’ and Mr & Mrs Ferguson were in attendance to answer maker questions. Notably, to answer how many coins are the bird.