Bee or Not to Bee


The honey bee is big. Compare yourself to this sculpture yes, but so is the contribution that bees have to the world's food supply. Don't be intimidated. Get close. Draw your hands over the bee body. It has long hair, curved limbs, penetrating eyes. You're not vulnerable and nor should a bee be vulnerable to you.


We love creating a sense of whimsy with our installations, mostly through the materials we select. For Burning Man 2019 we chose new materials to tantalize the participant.

Our first new material was nylon industrial broom bristle. Appearing as the long, delicate hair of a bee. The hairs were fun to draw hands through yet durable enough to spring back into form.


 The flower base was made with 33,000 glass, toy marbles. Durable and a touchstone to the memory of childhood. At night, light passed through the marbles to light the installation.

We made the big compound eyes to seem penetrating, painted with iridescent paints and coated with multiple layers of lacquer for depth.

The wings were built with fin perforated mesh steel and reinforced with tubing to simulate the veins. We coated the wings in champagne and gold iridescent paints.


Our art installations are a visual trick that become a tactile experience. Touch is a sense often overlooked in our world of visual and audible stimulation. We have learned from past experiences with penny bears and penny birds that visitors stay longer with the art as they can touch and explore it. This year's use of broom bristles and marbles delivered a unique tactile experience that we saw participants enjoy.