“A Great Fit For Tahoe”


Ursa Mater has become the New Town Symbol of Tahoe City

We are greatly honored that our Burning Man 2017 honoraria project Ursa Mater has a permanent home in Tahoe City, CA. Special thanks to Tahoe Public Art and the generous local citizens who made this possible through a funding driving to keep the bears. The installation was installed in the town’s center park August 2018 for a year-long showing but the there was overwhelming demand to keep it there permanently. We and locals agree that Ursa Mater is a great fit for the Tahoe Region. Tahoe Public Art has a goal to bring more art into the Tahoe region. They are a delightful group to work with and we applaud their efforts.

Ursa Mater is easily spotted from the #89 (West Lake Boulevard) in the middle of town at Heritage Plaza. It’s a stunning location that overlooks Lake Tahoe and nearby walkways that lead to the beach.

Our Ursa Mater Film

Click on the image to see how this bear family came from Burning Man and made their way to Tahoe City. Included is a story of motherly love written and narrated by our friend Kerrie Penney