Mr & Mrs Ferguson Art

We encourage interaction with our public art because it is approachable and provocative. The materials we use seem from a distance to be standard coatings like paint or steel, but it is on closer examination that the viewer becomes a participant, discovering that the art is covered in whimsical materials like pennies or marbles. These materials have nostalgic connections, they are delightful to touch, perhaps make a sound or pass light. We often hear participants exclaim in amazement their discovery and they further state in wonder how anyone could have made this art? We did and we love doing it.


Bee or Not To Bee

-Our 2019 Burning Man Honoraria Project

No coins this year. We used nylon broom bristle and toy marbles as our touchable mediums. Our honey bee made sweet with many at the Burn and she was a fun experiment with new materials and lighting.

Art Attack -Let U.S. Prey Lands at Maker Faire Bay Area 2019

Our 15 foot wide eagle made with pennies, nickels and dimes which made a strike at the Black Rock Desert in 2018 did so again at the annual Faire. Despite rain there were large crowds and and ‘Prey’ was given an Editor’s Choice Award by the Faire.

The project was built with our volunteer art team who put in hundreds of hours to make the striking statement in the desert.


The Lucky Star -We oversaw the build of Burning Man’s Bright new art car

Mr and Mrs Ferguson assisted the Gluckstern family in having a beautiful art car built for them as their gift to Burning Man. This car was designed by Dustin Passalalpi and was built by Tesseract who built last year’s Playa sensation; Sanctuary. The lighting is being created by Digital Ambiance, sound design by Audiowaska and steel framing by Ferguson Welding.


Ursa Ravus -The Grizzly Bear returns to colorado

On July 6th we installed Telluride’s first public art piece to this beautiful town. Commissioned by art supporters Judy and Steven Gluckstern, Ravus brought out the crowds when she was set on her pedestal. It’s new day in Telluride with Ursa Ravus.

Dreamer 2.jpg

Ursa Dreamer -a tribute that that raised money for Burning Man Arts

Ursa Dreamer is a nod to the famous 2005 art installation called Playa Dreamer. We built this half bear head as a fund raiser for Burning Man Arts which fetched $10,500 in auction at the 2018 Autumnal Ball.

Ursa Mater - Permnament home in Tahoe City

We are mighty proud to have our Burning Man 2017 project Ursa Mater given a home in Tahoe City, CA. Special thanks to Tahoe Public Art and generous local citizens who made the stay possible.

After Burning Man, Ursa Mater was displayed in downtown San Jose for three months courtesy of that city's Playa to Paseo Project. Tahoe City then took Ursa Mater for a scheduled year long visit and when the closing approached local citizens worked to keep the bears in their park setting

Ursa Major -In a Smithsonian exhibition of Burning Man art in Washington DC

Our Burning Man honoraria project Ursa Major was chosen to be part of the Renwick Gallery/Smithsonian American Art Museum Burning Man exhibition in Washington, DC. A collaboration with the Golden Triangle Business improvement District. The exhibition was called: No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man. The showing was from March to December of 2018 where thousands of people got to experience Ursa Major in an urban setting.

See Our Film About Ursa Mater

Now that Ursa Mater has found a home, here is a look at her journey from Burning Man to San Jose to Lake Tahoe. We hope you enjoy our little film with supporting narrative about a mother’s love by our dear friend Kerrie Penney.

-Click on the image to see the film-

Ursa Major Film Updated

Our Penny Bear film has been updated and extended since Ursa Major has been moved from her home in Santa Fe to the Smithsonian Exhibition in Washington, D.C. for 2018. This is a fun little video and it is narrated by our 8 year old niece Olive.

-Click on the image to see the film-