Let U.S. Prey. Our submission for 2018 Burning Man

This bald eagle is about to strike its prey. It's staring straight into your eyes. The prey is you!. This bird is the greatest of hunters but it is also the much co-opted metaphor for freedom, conservative values, gun ownership, militarism and religious piety. This metaphor is coming after you! 


Ursa Mater a Burning Man Honoraria Winner

On March 8, Burning Man Arts awarded Mr and Mrs Ferguson Art an honoraria for the Ursa Mater project. The funds awarded to the project will go toward transporting the sculpture to Black Rock City and out. The funds will also be used for purchasing materials to start the project. We are very grateful to Burning Man Arts for once again supporting our work. 


Ursa Major sale proceeds go to helping grizzly bears in Canada

From the sale of Ursa Major, we were able to reinvest the pennies donated to our project and turn them into supporting grizzly bear habitat. Through consultation with a friend who is a Parks Canada ranger, he suggested we contact the Nature Conservancy of Canada, whom he believes does meaningful work. With matching grants from Canadian and US governments our $2,000 donation was matched up to $8,000.  Thank you to everyone who donated pennies to the Ursa Major project, your pennies went a long way. Attached is a link to the story which The Nature Conservancy of Canada published about the donation.